Happy Life Day!

To kick off the 2015 holiday season, the Jingle Boys would like to wish you a happy Life Day!

November 17, 1978 was the debut of the Star Wars Holiday Special, 98 minutes of confounding sell-out material based on everyone’s favorite George Lucas film.  Life Day is a very Christmas-like holiday celebrated by the Wookiee culture. The Heroes of Star Wars must fight against all odds to return Chewbacca back home to his wife and kids so they can celebrate the holiday in the traditional Wookiee fashion.

The song “Life Day is All Around” was inspired by Billy Mack’s adaptation of his own song, “Love is All Around,” into the smash Christmas hit “Christmas is All Around,” which is a comedic story point in the 2003 movie Love Actually, which starred Bill Nighy as the troubled aging rocker.

Video and editing by Ben Stanton. Arrangement and Adapted Lyrics by The Jingle Boys.